Laws and Rules

Alabama Law

To view the Alabama law pertaining to Social Workers and the Board of Social Work Examiners, click on the link "Alabama Law" (below). Then click on the side tab marked "Code of Alabama" select "view" next to the tab and go to Title 34, Chapter 30.  

Alabama Law

NASW Code of Ethics

Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners Administrative Code

850-X-1 General Provisions
850-X-2 Definitions
850-X-3 Supervision
850-X-4 Applications for Licensure and Certification
850-X-5 Fees
850-X-6 Examinations
850-X-7 Display and Renewal of License
850-X-8 Continuing Education
850-X-9 Standards of Professional Conduct and Ethics
850-X-10 Disciplinary Proceedings