Upcoming Board Openings

We will have two Board Member positions expiring September 30, 2019. The positions are for District 2 and District 5. Both positions will need to be filled by an LICSW in current and good standing. If you are a licensed social worker at that level of licensure from one of these Districts and are interested in serving on the Board you may start collecting letters of nomination from fellow social workers from your District. You may also submit a letter on behalf of someone else. We will accept nomination letters through August 31, 2019. We submit the top three names for each District who receive the most letters to the Governor. The Governor makes the final decision and appoints the Board Member for each district.

ABSWE The duties of the Board are: • To protect the public from incompetent, unethical and unlawful social work practice. • To enforce qualification standards for all levels of licensure and certification. • To delineate unlawful conduct through disciplinary procedures against practitioners who violate applicable laws or rules. Nomination Requirements: • The person being nominated and the person doing the nominating must both live in the same District. • You can nominate yourself. • The person making the nomination must be a licensed social worker. • Nomination letters must be mailed, or hand delivered, you may collect the letters and send them in all together – faxed or emailed letters are not acceptable. The Board appointments are for three years starting October 1, 2019 going through September 30, 2022. There is no pay for serving under this capacity, but you are reimbursed for in-state and out-of-state travel expenses at the same rate as a state employee.